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About Time Blend

About Time Blend

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Time is one of the most important variable when it comes to coffee roasting. It changes the characteristic of the coffee, especially the amount of acidity, body and bitterness.

When it comes to dark roast, I noticed there are drastic differences depending on how long I roast it. Even when roasted to a similar Agtron number (A unit we used to define the colour of coffee - The roast level), where essentially the can all be defined as 'dark roast'. 

Therefore, I have created a blend to highlight this difference. I used the same blend as Full Circle- A mix of Ethiopian 74110 and 74118. 

For reference: 

Dark Roast - 12 mins: Retains a lot of acidity, floral characters and short aftertaste.

Dark Roast- 15mins: Low amount of acidity, dark caramel taste, medium body and medium aftertaste. 

Dark Roast- 20mins + : Almost no acidity, strong dark caramel taste, very smooth and low body, very long aftertaste.