Limited Release : Seasonal Fruity Blend - Red Rabbit

Limited Release : Seasonal Fruity Blend - Red Rabbit

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When it comes to blending, there are multiple common traits that could easily be found in different countries: 

Such as Brazil = Nutty, Ethiopia = Floral , Thailand = Brown Sugar/herb

As the specialty coffee industry progress, although these common traits do hold true to certain extent, the flavours/mouthfeel/cleanliness could be very different, especially on micro lots that has been taken care of by skillful farmers. 

In order to challenge this long standing 'myth' that Thailand coffee is 'not suitable' for lighter roast, or it is not a 'fruity' and 'clean' coffee , I decided to create a blend that prove that Thailand coffee can be used to create a high scoring fruity blend indeed. 

Presenting to you, my latest creation : Red Rabbit

A blend that uses coffee from Thailand & Colombia at a 50 | 50 ratio. 

The Thailand coffee comes from Soe-Ae, Omkoi, Chiangmai. A catimor with a Honey Carbonic Maceration process. 

The Colombia coffee comes from the infamous Immaculada farm, a fellow exotics* varietal with Anaerobic Natural Process.

The sweetness and orange peel like flavour of the Chiangmai coffee is beautiful, and I noticed it has a mellow yet silky smooth body . This pairs very well with the Colombia coffee which dials down the strong tropical flavours to juicy ripened fruit tones.

This blend is suitable for anyone who likes silky smooth body with elegant layers of fruity flavours. Goes well as a pour over and espresso. 


*Fellow exotics is a mixed varietals of cherries collected from farmers under the education project run by Immaculada to improve their cup quality and increase their selling price by 30-40% above market price. These cherries were processed by Inmaculada under their Anaerobic Natural Process for a consistent flavour profile.