Panama Esmeralda Special- Jaramillo Caballeriza 6SN

Panama Esmeralda Special- Jaramillo Caballeriza 6SN

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Lot Name: Caballeriza

Varietal: Geisha

Region : Jaramillo

Farm: Jaramillo

Lot Altitude : 1670 masl and above

Process : Natural

Estimated Annual Rainfall : 4000mm

Average Temperature:
Daily 19°C - 25°C Nightly: 11°C - 15°C

GPS (Lot): 8°47'53"N 82°24'10"W

Average Coffee Tree Age in Lot: 10 years

Total ha in Production in Lot: 5 ha


Caballeriza 6SN was harvested  from Hacienda La Esmeralda’s
Caballeriza lot located in Jaramillo Farm.

After harvest, the coffee cherries were slow dried for 32 days on raised beds and then for an additional 20 hours in a mechanical dryer.

Caballeriza 6SN has notes of jasmine,bergamot, dried fruit and concord grapes.