Thailand Chiangmai Omkoi Sor-Ae

Thailand Chiangmai Omkoi Sor-Ae

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I came across this farm while I was in Thailand as an international jury. Throughout the competition, I noticed this farm's coffee really stood out, especially on the complex acidity and silky body that is so different from other cups .

Fortunately , I was able to meet with the farmers at the award ceremony, and I expressed my interest to import their coffee to Hong Kong. 

After a month later, I successfully secured all their remaining lots for this harvest season. Being a small farm, each lot has limited quantity only (Several Kgs each). So please be sure to grab the coffee before it is sold out!

To start off, we are selling these exclusive lots from Sor-Ae region (The same micro region as their COE No.3 lots).  Only limited quantity available.