Dear Sonya Blend (Limited Release)

Dear Sonya Blend (Limited Release)

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What if a roaster were to treat a blend like a love letter? What would it taste like? What shall it contain? 

With this in mind, I started off with choosing a coffee that’s super sweet - An Ethiopia 74158 Honey processed coffee. It has this distinct floral character with great sweetness that cuts through the milk when consumed as a latte.

However, like human, it does come with flaws. One of which is as the temperature cools off, the flavours drops.

Which is exactly why I chose a coffee that does the completely opposite, a coffee that has fruity notes that intensifies as it cools.

When combined, these two are like a perfect couple. Complementing each other and making that coffee so much more enjoyable than consumed alone.


Coffee used:

Ethiopia ALO Honey and Colombia Granja La Esperanza Pink Bourbon


Designed for coffee competition (RASV 2022)