Ecuador -Sidra Wave Natural- NC- Finca Soledad

Ecuador -Sidra Wave Natural- NC- Finca Soledad

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'This is one of my favourite coffee, and was scored 93+ by SCAA Head judge at the farm in Finca Soledad. It's a very elegant , clean and balanced coffee. ' - Anson


Soledad coffee philosophy

Finca soledad was born 2010 in the remote intag valley , in a protected United nations world heritage GEOPARK
The farm is 120 hectares mainly of protected or replanted forests .
We grow coffee in only 5 hectares , typica mejorada, Sydra , Gesha and panamá geisha .
We work in harmony with the environment and that is where we get our inspiration from …. Nature

Wave philosophy embraces our respect and understanding of the silent language of nature .
We aim to transform our coffee fruits into happy beans .
In our processes we try to cause the least amount of stress to the living embryo so that when finally roasted it shines , brings synergy to the cup and happiness to the responsible consumer.

The variables we use , environment, temperature, time , pressure are modulated without extreme changes to avoid stress .

We focus on energy .

For drying we apply the same care , using only indirect sunlight and extended times to control water activity

Either washed or natural Great care and day and night compromise is required .

Every lot we make is unique . An expression of the moment , the energy of the pickers , the balance of microorganisms, the weather …. All interact to create a work of art of nature&nurture …..

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