Triple Kill !!!

Triple Kill !!!

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 Triple kill !!!
In early Feb 2023, as I was playing game (yes I do have hobby beside of coffee =] ) , my team was winning (20-0) , and the announcement ‘TRIPLE KILL!’ kept ringing.

That’s when inspiration strikes!

‘Is it possible to create a single origin blend that uses THREE separate processes from the same region!? ‘

Unlike blending coffee from different countries, blending coffee of a single origin was quite a challenge, as it requires a clear understanding of how different process would changes the beans’ character, as well as how each component work with each other.

Initially , my thought was to place natural as the main component as it has pronounced fruity notes. However, after numerous trials, I was not satisfied with the result - The cup quality was dominated by fruity notes making the blend tastes boring. (Still tasty but lacks the complexity and balance I was looking for).

That’s when I realised a new approach was needed to reach a balance coffee.

Traditionally, honey processed coffee was rarely used as the main component for a blend. The reason is simple: it sits right between natural and washed.

However, based on my trials, I found using 50% of honey gives the blend a solid , smooth body and a gentle sweetness. The extra 30% of natural then compliments the fruity notes in honey, just enough so the flavours are not dominated by it. The final 20% of washed coffee fine tune the overall fruity notes of the cup, and gives it a nice gentle floral finish.

The result, is an Ethiopian that is very well layered. You’ll taste several tropical fruit notes, but very well layered and balanced . A very interesting cup of coffee that could be enjoyed as a pour over, and works beautifully as SOE or latte.

Country : Ethiopia - Bensa Woreda

Roast Level: Medium Roast

Process: Honey, Natural & Washed

Net Weight: 200g or 1KG