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Kizuna Coffee Exclusive - Gems of Araku Nano 5237 - Limited Edition Indian Specialty Coffee
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【Kizuna Coffee 全球獨家呈獻】

來自印度阿拉庫山谷嘅稀世珍寶 - Nano 5237!僅此一批,15磅綠咖啡豆,源自Killo Modhu先生1.2英畝嘅生物多樣性咖啡莊園。今晚10點正式開售,錯過就無㗎喇!

呢款咖啡係Araku Nano系列嘅極致之作,數量極為有限,每一批都經過精心挑選同處理,以展現佢獨特嘅風味。臻選自阿拉庫山谷Malisingaram村莊嘅珍貴地塊,手工採摘甜美櫻桃,經過精心處理,釋放佢豐富嘅香氣同口感。

印度咖啡,尤其精品級別,向來稀有。阿拉庫山谷嘅特殊氣候與風土,孕育出獨一無二嘅咖啡風味,呢款Nano 5237更加係其中嘅佼佼者。呢款咖啡擁有豐富嘅口感,如糖漿般濃郁,帶有迷人嘅酒香,帶來多層次嘅味覺享受。

Gems of Araku 係一個專門為咗展示印度阿拉庫山谷嘅高品質咖啡而設嘅拍賣會,每年都會吸引來自世界各地嘅咖啡愛好者同專業買家參與競投。Nano 5237就係喺呢個拍賣會上脫穎而出嘅珍品。

Nano 5237唔單止係一款咖啡,更係一次珍貴嘅體驗。立即訂購,品味呢份獨一無二嘅奢華。

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[English Version]

[Kizuna Coffee Exclusive]

The world's last! A rare treasure from India's Araku Valley - Nano 5237. Only 15lbs of green coffee remain, originating from Killo Modhu's 1.2-acre biodiverse coffee estate. Available tonight at 10 pm. Don't miss out!

This coffee is an exquisite example of Araku's Nano lots, a limited quantity of rare coffees too precious and small to be blended, emerging as exclusive auction offerings. Meticulously handpicked cherries from Malisingaram village, carefully processed, releasing its rich aroma and flavor.

Indian specialty coffee is a rare find. The unique climate and terroir of Araku Valley create a flavor experience unlike any other, and this Nano 5237 is the epitome of its excellence. This coffee boasts a lush, syrupy body that envelops the palate,with juicy, vibrant winey notes adding layers of complexity and intrigue.

Gems of Araku is a coffee auction that showcases the high-quality coffees from India's Araku Valley, attracting coffee enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world to bid on these exclusive lots. Nano 5237 is a gem that emerged from this auction.

Nano 5237 is more than just coffee; it's a precious experience. Order now and savor this exclusive luxury.

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Varietal : Arabica Selection 9

Process: Natural Anaerobic

Drying : 16 Days

Tasting notes based on International Juries:

 Fruit bowl, lush syrupy body, winey, structure, juicy, has spine